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Bowie Sin Photography

22 Bowie Brisbane
Christian Freelance Photographer/Writer/Youth Worker

Last night went to watch Kina Grannis live and had so much fun . Her music mean so much to me and everytime i listen to her i feel so love and amazed full of joy so lucky to see her live and really close since got my tickets first week of her shows. Her music is amazing you should check out her songs on Youtube . Here just one of many photos capture last night still have more but will edit later this week after studies but yeah .
©Bowie Sin Photography : Kina Grannis 2014 Brisbane 

Was just editing some flora photography i need your advice or suggestions which photo would you chose?
Before or After ?
Just a throwback of some photos capture during the market sometimes ago gotta love street photography  . I really love taking photos cause is telling a story everytime i take a photo for instance this one shows a man who is looking hungry and deflated. Maybe i don’t know but yeah 
Every second Saturday i go to New Farm Park for the Saturday markets :) 
Is 1pm lunch time spending my morning editing photos and feeling quite hungry so was just editing some food photos. No surprise went to get some  Cobs Popcorn 

Sara Bareilles - Brave

I just want to see you
I just want to see you
I just want to see you
I want to see you be brave
Brewhouse Brisbane
During my flight back to home Brisbane this year i capture some sky photos of the clouds and the city surrounding. If you can see clearly you can see some houses and other features. I love travelling 
Heading home the other week while getting a drink and a pie :p 
Do you need some money ?