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    I always dreamed someone swell would turn up,
    Who’d consider my feelings routinely,
    Who would share lots of stuff without being gruff,
    And if they disagreed would not do it meanly.

    Then you came along and my wishes came true;
    You’re a friend who I trust and I treasure.
    You always give help and I know that you care;
    You’re my friend and it gives me great pleasure.

    Reflections April 14’

    April 11 2014

    I apologise for anyone for the delay of uploading my photographs … is been a quite painful stress month for me personally facing a lot off personal problem ( i wont list them) just ask me if you want to know. 
    Is been tough for me personally dealing all with the pressure maybe i need to see a Christian psychologist or doctor to checkup my status but at the same time i don’t want to ask for help so thats the problem itself lack of confidence and belief there is help outside Jesus/God. 

    I know this is just a trial and temporary life but still i need to glorify God in everything i do like when i was writing this down i don’t even know what i would mention but thinking in a way not judging others and bringing glory to God is all i try to aim in everything i do now. 

    Well if you know me ( like you have emailed/contacted me ) i would only open up to you and share more details if i think i know you well enough thats because i don’t want to hurt u or feel hurt by you. In some way i am easily broken like a fragile glass who can’t handle pressure well.

    Basically i store all my problems/struggles/sadness inside my body and one day i will explode and full of anger or annoy ( sorry in advance if i insulted/hurt people - I don’t meant to but don’t spark me ) thanks .. i am just too weak sometimes 

    Let me get back to you about my photos well i have uploaded some photos on tumblr is just on draft mode at the moment or that i have set on the queue mode (someone tell me how to use that ) . only some photos uploaded there just still editing photos (there still at least 50GB+ photos ) to edit maybe i will leave it without edit or something maybe .. but also recently my website (www.bowiesin.comdied i don’t know why cause the international domain name want me to pay for it and i didn’t maybe i am not sure … ewww so i am thinking of starting a new one or something but using WIX software stuff .. just let me know where you want to see my photos .. INSTAGRAM/ FLICKR/ FACEBOOK/ TUMBLR / OTHERS 

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